Net XP Events

Having attended a business expo a few years ago run by Net XP, I was very aware of the lack of synergy and organisation in the staging of the event.

I met with Sonny Cutting, who was struggling to put the event together and be the face of Net XP at the same time. We put into place an action plan that meant he could be the face of his expos and conferences and allowed Love Luxury Events to source, organise and roll out the events.

This required initial sourcing of the venue, liaising with the onsite team and discussing arrangements, organising the exhibitors on pre-set up day, managing the support crew and being the ‘go to person’ for Net XP exhibitors and attendees.

Problem Solving

A typical example of the sort of issue that Love Luxury Events find ourselves faced with was, six days prior to a business to business expo for Net XP, being advised there were no additional power points available at the venue.

After two conference calls and some strong negotiations, Love Luxury Events resolved the situation, resulting in a £700 cost saving and also ensuring additional services were added to the contract free of charge. This solution saved the client money, removed any embarrassment for the company, and ensured the expo went ahead as advertised.

Our relationship with Sonny Cutting allows him to concentrate on what he does best; networking and building strong business links with new clients, and gives him the opportunity to switch off from any behind the scene problems.

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