People buy people, physical connections, not just social media followers.

When we think about hospitality and being of service to others, we perhaps think of being with people in a community. It maybe that you belong to a Facebook group, you have an Instagram account or are prevalent on LinkedIn. All these tools are great for connecting with people, but people buy people not just social media followers.

This rang true to me on a recent trip to the Excel Centre, London to attend Confex. I was wondering to myself do I want to go all the way into London and trudge round a trade show? Well, the fact of the matter is yes, and thank goodness I did! It reaffirmed to me how important spending a few hours connecting with people is. These people all have a passion for what they do within the events and hospitality industry. It not only allowed me to connect with new contacts but also filled my cup of joy, revitalising my passion for what I do.

Interacting with people face to face brings us greater connection.

It is very easy to be self-absorbed in this social media barrage of what we should be doing, how we should create it, and what our followers are looking at. Yet if for one second we looked up from our screens we could see how interacting with people face to face brings us a greater connection.

During my day at Confex I met some amazing suppliers, two of which I am using for upcoming events this year. I got to play, try new things and rediscover how important that physical connection is. Throughout the winter months as an event maker I am almost dormant in my social activities planning, designing, and creating for clients for the coming season. I for one, love to be able to get out and connect with people. It makes life more enjoyable and there is nothing better than chatting with a like-minded soul – we love what we do, and we do what we love!

What did you miss the last time you were on social media?

I recently sat and watched a woman have her hair redesigned by an amazing young stylist and at no time did she interact with her. The client spent the entire time eyes locked onto her mobile phone, whilst all around her there was a symphony of laughter from the salon staff and a completely life inspiring story was being told.

We are all leading busy lives, thinking about the next thing on our ever expanding to do list. If today, you do one action differently, just for one moment know that it’s okay to just switch off that mobile phone. So, I encourage you to take a breath and rediscover the world around you. You never know you may just hear or see something that allows you to clear the way to whatever was causing you to feel in need of escaping to the reels you were viewing on Insta!

Is it a hell yes or a hell no!

So, the next time you question is it worth attending that expo, networking event, having a conversation with a supplier or just turning your phone onto silent during your next venture out then I would say hell yes! Have you forgotten the human desire to relate to people face to face?

There is something magical about that initial contact with a new client or supplier, so many possibilities and only you can influence how you respond to their smile, conversation or request. I love meeting people and being of service, call me old school but I would encourage you to never lose your gift of connection with people – it is what makes you and your brand unique.

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