Define Your Identity and Core Message

Customer perception is everything and your brand is your reputation, so it is vital your business is on point with your target market. I have been the director of Love Luxury for over four years and like most small enterprises starting out, I accepted every contract that came my way including planning weddings and other special occasions. I have since evolved to become a prominent Event Maker within the B2B industry and my clientele has changed, so I needed to illustrate my corporate event credentials to engage with future customers. Staying focussed on this objective helped me throughout the re-brand project.

Utilise Digital Marketing Platforms

It is vital you decide on the financial investment you are prepared to commit. The key expense for Love Luxury was a new website and I worked with Martin at to create a ‘shop window’ which reflects my corporate Event Maker experience, including filmed testimonials with several clients, and a regular blog and news page. I also worked with Emma at and Louise, a freelance copywriter, to increase my engagement on Linked In. We concentrated on building my connections and publishing topical articles in readiness for the upcoming re-launch. My network was also very generous with guidance on digital marketing and before too long, I was active on Instagram and working on a ‘lead magnet’ download for the website to generate new contacts. I was officially digitally savvy!

Identify Your Biggest Challenge

As the sole decision maker, I found my biggest hurdle was…myself! From the over thinking to the self-doubt, it was initially tough to conquer the niggling worries. Also, I actively avoid the spotlight and I struggled with being central to Love Luxury’s new image. I needed to remind myself that I have over 30 years of events industry experience and the selling-point of Love Luxury is my expertise. I learnt to keep it simple and trust my instincts. And there is always going to be a ‘take a deep breath’ moment when you have to just go for it. I was nervous the day the website went live, but I was rewarded with fantastic, positive feedback from my peers.

Stay Informed and Keep Evolving

I am happy and very proud with how well the new-look Love Luxury Events has been received. However, there is no room for complacency, and I regularly ‘check in’ with my corporate clients to make sure I am in touch with new ideas and new approaches. But for now, it feels good to see my hard work paying off, to be confident in the direction of my company, and to know I am reaching a far greater audience than ever before.

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