I gained a skill several years ago when (on a whim) I went on a 3-day EFT Course. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and it involves tapping near acupressure points of your own body,  in order to release blocks, anxiety, fears or trauma. I continue each year to set personal goals and like to develop my range of skills. I had experienced EFT several times and felt that it was something that I could use within the work I carry out when running events, such as supporting a stressed speaker or an anxious bride.

Clearing blocks with EFT Tapping

I have since qualified as an EFT Practitioner and although I do not use this skill within a clinic environment, I love the freedom it offers! We all get stuck within our daily lives and can procrastinate endlessly about what is holding us back, be it writing a blog (my favourite!) increasing our daily rates or starting that exercise routine. With EFT, you can shift through these blocks clearly and with very little effort. You can spend hours putting something off, but by using this little-known technique – within as little as 15 minutes – you can clear the block and your thoughts towards it have become neutral. 

There is no woo-woo here. EFT is a scientifically based modality, and it literally does what it says on the tin. It allows you to move through that which no longer serves you and clears the emotional block that you have been holding onto (often for years).

I love how I can shift and heal so quickly, even through physically and emotionally debilitating pain. I am not advocating this for any serious medical condition or illness that you may be experiencing, but when life is a little overwhelming this is one of my go-to tools within my professional toolkit.

Tapping can bring even the most nervous speaker into a calmer mood

I have worked with the fabulous Heather Ambler based in California – if you are intrigued to find out more, then her website is full of tips and has a ‘how to guide’ on using EFT. The beauty is you don’t even need to be with anyone else to do this! All you need is your own pair of hands. It is simple and you can even do it whilst at your desk, sitting on the sofa or walking the dog. In fact, it can bring even the most nervous speaker into a calmer mood – I love it!

In a world that is awakening to being more mindful, I find it interesting how many clients will try it – and even when they don’t believe in it – it has that ability to help them feel calmer and more in control of their emotions on possibly the most important day of their life.

We are all busy doing, but by just stepping back and taking out some time we can elevate ourselves into a better space and be able to perform with more ease and without the wobble. We are our greatest critics and to find different techniques that work for us (and our clients) can only help us become better at the services we offer.

If you are looking for a calming influence to organise your next event, then please get in touch and allow me to work with you to create a unique and memorable event.