At Love Luxury, we recognise the importance of self-care in order to perform better professionally, and to feel better personally. During the gloomy winter months, it takes even more effort to look after our emotional health but taking time out for yourself nurtures better focus, reduced stress and clearer thinking. Following on from my previous post on mindfulness here are my tips on how to find the calm amidst the chaos:

Make The Most Of Any Free Minutes

All too often, the 9 to 5 gets underway and before you know it, you’ve missed lunch and have barely noticed. When your workload is that intense, it’s unrealistic to dedicate chunks of your schedule to relaxation. The best approach is to utilise any free time that you have. Some people prefer to get to the office a bit earlier to enjoy a quieter environment. Others may grab five minutes as short breaks throughout the day. Whatever your method, it’s all beneficial. TIP: Set a phone reminder to get in the flow of taking precious time out.

Appreciate Genuine Moments Of Happiness

Can you think back when you last felt 100% pure contentment? Did you truly acknowledge and value it? By taking a breath, to stop and focus on this wonderful feeling, you can build resilience to the negative emotions. Demanding deadlines, stressful clients… these can all have less of an impact if we are more mindful of what brings us joy. Go one better and keep a success journal. Studies have found that people who record meaningful experiences have a greater sense of life satisfaction. TIP: Create an ‘archive of positivity’ to draw on when things get tough.

Take A Walk To Take A Break

To restore your energy for the latter part of the day, aim to steal a few minutes outside to revitalise your body and mind with some active meditation. As you walk, enjoy the fresh air and synchronize your breath with each step, let go of any tension and be fully present in your surroundings. TIP: If you must stay office bound, resist the habit of bolting down your lunch and try to eat mindfully. Savour each bite and enjoy the tastes and textures of your food.

Tap Into an App

Meditation and relaxation do not come naturally to most people. Thankfully, there are plenty of free apps to guide you to ditch the distractions. ‘Headspace’ is ideal for beginners as it has a ‘basics’ selection for newbies and one-minute breathing exercises for those short on time. Another recommendation is ‘Smiling Mind’, featuring a ‘Workplace’ section with over 40 short sessions that can be done at your desk. So, there is no excuse not to unwind and feel better. TIP: Plan to complete one app session a day and looking after your work wellbeing will soon become a regular routine. What are you waiting for?

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