Are you thinking of planning a charity event this year? Many corporates think about donating funds at Christmas, but why not take this a step further and consider a charity of the year partnership? Working with charities and non-profit organisations offers numerous benefits beyond the genuine ‘feel-good’ factor of helping others.

By hosting a flagship charity event to boost fundraising, you can increase your company’s brand awareness and expose your business to new audiences. Media coverage can encourage links to other companies and clients, and your employees become more engaged and connected to the cause. Whether it is an international development organisation, or a small local community group, your staff can unite around the common goal to support a charity which matters to them.

Corporate charity partnerships are on the rise, and this year’s Brighton & Hove Business Awards ( included a ‘Corporate Fundraiser of the Year’ category. As did the Sussex Business Awards ( and the winners, construction firm Morgan Sindall, raised over £20,000 for local children’s charity Rockinghorse, specifically to support its projects at the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in Brighton.

This incredible amount was raised from a series of charity events and initiatives, including a comedy showcase. Previous fundraisers include gala dinners and an annual quiz night, and employees, clients and suppliers are invited to attend and support the charity. Morgan and Sindall reaps the benefits from the brand-boosting publicity while working with an organisation having a real impact within their local community.

present gift wrapped in brown paper with a pink ribbon

Large companies also have a certain corporate social responsibility and a charity partnership can demonstrate your commitment to fulfil this role. You may choose to host a series of events across a calendar year, or a one-off black-tie ball with an auction and entertainment. Whichever way you choose to fundraise, your staff will be networking with clients, supporters and other businesses in a way that you’d never be able to do sitting in the office.

While the benefits of working with a charity are numerous, many corporates are concerned about the possible drain on resource. The extra staff time required to successfully organise a fundraiser can seem daunting, and you may not have willing team members with the expertise to take on the task.

As a specialist event maker, Love Luxury Events can solve this dilemma, and I would love the opportunity to work with you if you’re planning a charity event or fundraiser of any type. I am passionate about supporting non-profits within a corporate environment, so get in touch and let’s see how we can work together in 2019!