Claire seems to know exactly what guests need before they’ve even asked for it, which is great. She’s very intuitive and that’s why I trust Love Luxury Events to deliver on every event that I need help with, making it professional and a big success (Sandra Clement – Little Norlington Barn)

They say that being intuitive, being able to have a deeper understanding of what you know, feel or sense can often come with age. I must disagree with this statement and have realised over the years that just because you have a title within your company, years of experience it does not always lend itself to meaning that you understand people and their requirements.

I meet and work with a variety of amazing people running Love Luxury Events and what makes it so fascinating is the people dynamics. I can be collaborating with a young vibrant person, and they will have a far older head on their shoulders than the MD who is struggling to understand what they need to make their event a success. That power can be found in the young star within the company, the quietest member of the team or the forward-thinking MD.
I guess what I am trying to say here is, that magical ‘sixth sense’ that we all have, can often in the stress of our busy day get forgotten. It is so important to listen to that gut feeling, the inner quiet voice or stop an action if something doesn’t resonate.

Never ignore that intuition, for it has guided me through the most stressful experiences within my career and it has allowed me to understand what the client is trying to visualise. If this all sounds a bit ‘whoo whoo’ then where do you get your sixth sense? You know within your gut when something does not feel right, do you ignore it, or do you follow it?

Having that sense of knowing what will work.

This is a tool an Event Maker will often use; his or her ‘sixth sense’, that feeling or knowing what is right or what will not work for the client. It is the beauty of knowing what works, what does not and how much time and effort is required. None of us like to go through that uncomfortable, back breaking, teeth pulling experience in work so why should it be any different when creating an event?

When designing a unique and memorable event that sense of knowing / feeling what will work for our clients is invaluable. Clients often comment on the fact that I know what it is that is required at Love Luxury Events. Is it a ‘sixth sense’ or is it purely the fact that by listening, understanding and developing the idea with the client it all falls into place? I will let you be the judge of that!

Wanting clarity and a fresh approach

We all buy into brands, people and experiences and running a business is no different whether it be a multi-national or an independent company. If we fail to get a sense of what our target market is looking for from us, we will never be able to retain and increase revenue. It is not rocket science but sometimes just to take that step back, breathe and review the situation, it can save us the headache further down the line.

Love Luxury Events are known for our unique and memorable events and there are many amazing event makers out there of all ages. They have that intuitive approach to understanding what you need to make you look good at, running your business and taking the pain away from organising your next event.

When was the last time you just stopped, took 5 minutes out from the situation, and allowed your ‘sixth sense’, intuition, gut feeling whatever label you want to call it give you the clarity you need?

If you are needing clarity and a fresh approach to your next event, you know where to find us!